" January 2018 "

A Writer’s Life

Writing is something I love. I will always love it. But loving to do something doesn’t make it always easy. I am not a full time writer yet. I still have a day job, and a hectic family life. I’ve dealt with oodles of chaos on a personal level over the past year. That chaos has not helped my writing. Lately, I’ve been playing catch up. I’ve got a list of recommended edits I’ve been trying to work into my finished product. I get started and something comes along to take me out of it. But today, I think I finally might be done. I have to read through the finished product again, which requires I wait a day or two so my eyes are clear. After that I will send it back to my agent, and the editor I’m working with, and see what they think. Hopefully, with a little luck, we’ll get this one sold this year. 🙂