On a regular basis I wear armor. On some days it’s all the emotional armor I can layer over my insides, but on other days I need more than that. On some days I need a little bit of the real thing. On those days this is my piece of armor.

Last year required a strength I wasn’t sure I had, and in the middle of it all my mom gave me my piece of armor. Putting it on reminded me of my little girl days, wrapping strips of tin foil on my wrists, pretending to be Princess Diana.┬áThose tin cuffs made me invincible back then.

I put this bracelet on every couple of days when I need a little reminder of who I am. A reminder of what I’m capable of. On those days that I need to be reminded that I am a Wonder Woman.

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I am a wife and mother with a day job, and I spend much of my spare time writing. This blog will follow the adventure of trying to get published, along with anything else that comes to mind.

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