• Poetry

    Broken – a poem

    I’m broken. Can you see it? The cracks so thin. Darkness spiderwebbing across my skin I’m broken. Can you hear it? The silence so deep. Echos scream from corners, memories weep. I’m broken. Can you feel it? This heart bleeds, gives in. Tattered then shattered, pieces lost within. I’m broken. Can you fix me? Can you show me how to stand? Fix my dress, find my pieces, take my hand. I’m broken. – Natalie Dumas-Heidt, Dec 27, 2016    

  • My Thoughts

    Let's Talk About Sex…

    Living in Utah, I’m no stranger to odd liquor laws. We can’t buy anything other than beer in our grocery stores. In a restaurant you can’t buy a drink unless you’re also buying food, and restaurant bartenders have to pour your drinks behind what we lovingly call a “Zion Curtain” so fragile people don’t see the scandalous act of pouring liquor from a bottle. Because of all of this we were somewhat impressed when Brewvies was awarded a liquor license here in Salt Lake. The establishment offers movies, food and liquor to patrons 21 and over. It’s been an awesome addition to our downtown. But a vaguely written liquor law is threatening…

  • My Thoughts

    Are we there yet?

    So…Our six week project has taken a little longer than anyone expected. The kitchen/dining space finally looks like a real space. We’re only missing the counter tops, sink, and the lights which are all up for this week. All of that should happen this week. Last week the new bay windows went in, and the hood range went up. Rich added all of the pulls and knobs so that our crew would have fewer small projects to deal with as we near the finish line. After the end of the inside project, our outside project is predicted to take 2 weeks. I’m so anxious to get it all put together. 🙂

  • My Words

    Writing Challenge – What's the Song?

    So, the first challenge I’m starting with is number 20 on the list. We’re going to see what’s on my playlist. That’s the challenge. Hit shuffle 3 times on my playlist and see what comes up and what the songs bring to mind. Here we go…Shuffle one… About Today by The National. I love this song. That’s the first thought that comes to mind. In fact I might say that out loud if it comes on when I’m with other people. I really do love it. It’s painful and vulnerable, and about a day I think every one of us has had. ‘You just walked away, and I just watched you,…

  • My Thoughts

    What's in a Number?

    Tonight I’m hanging out in my favorite pair of grey sweats watching Top Chef with Rich. It’s just a typical Friday night after a long work week. But the one thing that stands out for me about this Friday night is that this is the last Friday night of my 30’s. As of tomorrow my age will officially start with a 4. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Yesterday, a friend asked what advice I would give 30 year old me. I think he asked because he’s soon turning 30. The first thing that came time mind was that I’d tell myself to finish my book a…